Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Single Review - Maika Makovski 'Lava Love'

Bat For Lashes style music with pummelling drums and wandering guitar riffs and Lykke Li sounding vocals collide to create Maika Makovski’s single ‘Lava Love’, an up-and-coming multi-instrumentalist of part Macedonian and part Andalucian decent, making her a...Vulcan? Beginning at the age of 12 she’s started plenty early to get in to the swing of things, her confident delivery is no doubt a result of this.

The single itself follows a steady pace that seems to build up without one really noticing, yet doesn’t lead to the climax that is expected. She slurs her vocals adding a sexiness and laid back sound to her voice.

Even throughout the course of three songs on this single, her style changes as if spanning an entire experimental career. The bitterly enunciated lyrics of ‘Oh M Ah’ offers a sinister change of mood from the title track, but don’t get too used to it as the direction changes once more on track ‘Ruled By Mars’. The final song incorporates twangy guitar with jazzy vocals, of which the latter is emphasised and allow Makovski’s vocal talents shine and roam free.

Makovski’s music can be described as an interesting change, but is nothing groundbreaking. Each song is based on a simple idea that is repeated but not progressed upon which doesn’t lead to infectious catchiness but rather irritating repetitiveness. However her jazzy vocals compliment the basic backing and Makovski’s is a voice that shouldn’t be left unheard.

Lava Love by Maika Makovski is released on 5th April

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