Friday, 3 September 2010

Interview - Motion City Soundtrack

A leading light in the Pop-Punk genre, I talked to guitarist Joshua Cain of Motion City Soundtrack about their latest album 'My Dinosaur Life', their Reading & Leeds Main Stage opening set and their surge in popularity.

Rory: 'My Dinosaur Life' is the first of your albums to be released on a major record label after your move from Epitaph to Columbia Records. How was working with Columbia compared to Epitaph?

Joshua Cain: On Epitaph, we had the owner (Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz) in our band's life and he was really hands on. Columbia is a big label with lots of people working there. Not much is different other then that. We make most of all decisions and get to make music we love.

Rory: Akin to 'Commit This To Memory' you've gone back to Mark Hoppus of blink-182 to produce your latest album. Did you know what shape the new album was going to take prior to recording and how much did Mark's input alter the finished result compared to your original vision (if at all)?

JC: Mark helped us pick the songs for the record out of the ton we had written. He helps mold the sound of the record and really made sure we performed the best we could. His true talent is helping you just be yourself and not worry about the future.

Rory: After the success of previous albums (especially 'CTTM'), did you feel more pressured to release another crowd-pleaser?

JC: I think we felt a little pressure but we tried to not let it get to us and just make music we love.

Rory: You have a very busy tour schedule. Has touring become second nature and does playing live so often make it any less fun?

JC: There are always ups and downs. Over all though playing live is what has keep this band going. We enjoy those 30 to 90 mins every night we get a chance to perform.

Rory: How are the new tracks being received live?

JC: Great! This record is such a rocker that the songs translate real nice to the stage and with the fans.

Rory: Next week is Reading and Leeds festival where you shall be kicking off the main stage on Saturday at Leeds and Sunday at Reading. Which was the last festival you went to as a punter?

JC: First time we came over to the UK we toured with Sugarcult. They were performing at Glastonbury, and since we were sharing a bus and weren't playing the festival, we got to hang out all day and watch bands. It was a good time. And before that it would be Lollapalooza in the 90's.

Rory: How is playing festivals as opposed to your own headline show?

JC: Shorter set and we are here to win people over. It's more nerve racking and it's way too early so wish us luck.

Rory: Do you miss the intimacy of playing smaller capacity venues now that your popularity has led you to play stadium gigs?

JC: We try to mix it up all the time. Doing smaller shows whenever we can, and making sure our fans get their money worth no matter where or when we are playing.

Rory: What are your plans for the future?

JC: We have a huge US tour with our friends Say Anything and Saves the Day this October through November, then, we're going to Brazil for the All Time Low Tour.

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