Monday, 22 November 2010

Jimmy Eat World @ Barrowlands, Glasgow

Glancing around Barrowlands revealed the vast array of social tags that Jimmy Eat World attract, from teenage girls to rockers to emos to 90s punks; I’m fairly sure I saw more than one member of Good Charlotte in there. The Arizona guys combine thrashy rock, 90s Pop-Punk lyrics and catchy guitar melodies, which is why their fans don’t tend to be pigeonholed.

After a year of Pop-Punk comebacks like blink-182’s Reading & Leeds headline sets, Sum-41’s new tour and Motion City Soundtrack’s new album, the crowd was more than ready to embrace another blast from the past and opener Bleed American saw the fans erupt with the same energy the band exuded. This zestfulness wasn’t to last once the band unleashed lesser known tracks from their latest album Invented upon the nonplused masses. The lack of enthusiasm on the audience’s behalf made them look like they were at a Lembit Opik stand-up show. This coaxed cries of "play your old stuff" (admittedly, mainly from me). Not many people go to a Jimmy Eat World concert looking forward to their new material. A few more tracks plugging the new album and a cheesy rendition of Hear You Me later, the lull had lasted long enough to convert the failing moshers to polite clappers. The absence of Authority Song is a travesty in my eyes, however the band redeemed themselves with an encore consisting of the two most anticipated songs, The Middle and Sweetness. The finale ensured the set ended as it began and those are the performances that certainly stick in my mind.

The classics are where the band’s strength lies and Jimmy Eat World have succeeded in braving Pop-Punk’s dry spell by persisting with catchy anthems and 90s haircuts to provide for fans both nostalgic and new.

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