Saturday, 15 January 2011

Single Review - Belle and Sebastian 'I Want The World To Stop'

It’s always a huge relief when a band as long-running and prestegious as Belle and Sebastian proves they haven’t lost their touch. The band re-established themselves last year with a brilliant and flambuoyant performance headlining Latitude Festival to kick of their tour. The second single of their 8th LP ‘I Want The World To Stop’ shows the confidence and maturity displayed throughout the whole album and indeed their whole musical careers, as you would expect from such a vivacious and dynamic group. It’s standard Belle & Sebastian: upbeat disco-pop with undertones of the band’s versatile experimentation showing elements of electronic and orchestral pop.

It’s undeniably B&S; a bouncy, catchy and fun indie track so it's unlikely to disappoint fans. I wouldn’t personally deem it a new classic, but it certainly shows promise that the band haven’t peaked yet.

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